Destination: Sugarloaf Key near Key West, Florida

Sugarloaf Key, Florida

With Bus Trip to Key West for the day

Everyone needs to do the Florida Keys at least once in a lifetime.  For those of us who live in the State of Florida, we’re lucky to get to do it much more often.  And a trip to Sugarloaf Key with your RV is perfect for exploring the Keys and, in particular, Key West, without breaking the bank because even camping is expensive in the Keys compared to other places.

The office and store at the KOA Sugarloaf Key near Key West includes Jeep rentals, pool, pub, hot tub and cafe.

We opted for the KOA at Sugarloaf Key for a number of reasons.  It has a pool, a nice area you can go snorkeling right off the small beach on property and there is a bus that provides frewquent enough service right into Key West without the hassle of having to park and drive.  Plus they have an onsite restaurant and bar.  And incredible sunsets.

The views out on Crane Blvd were excellent and very natural.  It was an easy 30 minute bike ride to the end.

We brought our own snorkeling equipment and went snorkeling right off the campground’s small beach.  There is a pool and hot tub which were great to have and the Lazy Lizard Pub and Lazy Lizard Cafe both at the pool area.  We ate at the cafe and it was very good.  There is a marina with boat rentals and all the fishing accoutrements that go with it.

We did go exploring on our bikes and went out Crane Blvd all the way to the end.  The road dead ends at the sea and is blocked from traffic at some point but it makes for a nice bike ride.  Missing was any sign of wildlife.  Not a bird.  Not a frog.  Not a deer.  It was noticed and it was strange.

The blue seas are a welcome sign no matter how many times you visit the Florida Keys.

Another day we took the bus (Lower Keys Shuttle) into Key West which is 14 miles from the campground on Sugarloaf Key.  The buses run roughly every hour and sixteen mintues or so.  There honestly is no rhyme to the bus schedule and they do cover some miles so don’t plan on it being too precise in its timetable.  But for $2 it was a great deal and easy to use.  Oh, and we brought our bicycles with us and loaded them on the front of the bus.  It was easy and great to have a bicycle to ride around when we got to Key West.

We got lucky and didn’t have anyone next to us, otherwise, the sites are a bit close together.  But it is the Keys and to be expected.

Once in Key West there are thousands of things to do.  There is so much for everyone. We rode our bicycles around the whole island – it isn’t a big place but there are fun historic neighborhoods you won’t see if just doing the main routes so consider bringing your bikes on the bus.  We’ve been to Key West so many times, I forgot to even take any pictures of the town this time.  But if you’ve never been, this is a great way to see Key West and still get a full Keys experience which is laid back and near a bar!




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