The Perfect North Florida Beach Camping: St Augustine

Beach Camping in North Florida at its Best

So much is written about St. Augustine as a tourist destination that I won’t go into it.  I’ll just say it must be on your list of places to visit sometime.  And, if you like beach camping, and who doesn’t?, then North Beach Campground in St. Augustine is absolutely the best place to visit.

The road into the campground just forces you to relax right away and by the time you get to your campsite, you’re already on vacation.

I have known the owners through the Florida Attractions Association for many many years and they can’t find a nicer couple of people.  But I had never done their St. Augustine Sightseeing Cruise which leaves from near the Bridge of Lions at the Municipal Marina.  There is great history to this and the Usina family that can all be read on the various websites for the campground and the Sightseeing Cruise.

The pool area at North Beach Campground, St. Augustine

The campground is directly across the street from the beach and the Atlantic Ocean.  There is a pool and an incredible camp store.  The campground is very secluded and the sites are excellent.  There is a restaurant across the street on the ocean called The Reef Restaurant as well as Aunt Kate’s which is on property and has been serving food for over 100 years so you know it is good – I can personally attest to it having had drinks in the Victory Bar and eaten at Aunt Kate’s Restaurant on this trip.  There is indoor and outdoor dining at Aunt Kates and it is  charming and good as you can imagine.  And it is on the water!

Can’t you just imagine yourself sitting on the front porch of Aunt Kate’s Restaurant already?

The Reef Restaurant is a larger place that is well established and is a great place to eat and drink as well.  Both are within easy walking distance of your campsite here.  So no drinking and driving issues despite being fairly isolated in a beautiful beach environment.  And quite frankly, the camp store has everything and then some – one of the best camp stores I’ve seen.

Dinner at Aunt Kate’s Restaurant, St. Augustine, was incredible!

So, if you’re looking for a weekend getaway to the beach or a week’s stay to include all the many many things to do in the town of St. Augustine I can think of no better beach destination than North Beach Campground.  If I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t have written about it simply because I have known Frank and Betty Usina for years.   I also had the great pleasure of seeing long-time friend and colleague Barbara Wilson there who has worked for them for many years.

For anyone interested in fishing there is a bait shop by Aunt Kate’s Restaurant, St. Augustine.

These are all experts in the hospitality industry and I can assure you I have the utmost respect for them and the experience you’ll have at any of their facilities.  And just to be clear none of them knew I was visiting and we paid like anyone else so, while the treatment was the best, it was just because we were everyday paying guests like you will be.

You owe it to yourself to discover this campground if you like the beach and have an RV.  I believe they also have cabins to rent so even if you don’t have an RV you need to discover it.   We love going to the east coast of Florida to escape some of the heat in the Tampa/St. Petersburg area and to take in some ocean air which is great for allergies we’ve found when compared to the Gulf of Mexico on the west coast.  So get planning and check it out!



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