Willemstad, Curacao Part 2

The Punda Quarter of Willemstad, Curacao This is one of the most charming areas of the Caribbean and I've been to most destinations in this region.  The lovely little cafes along the bay in the photograph really make for great people and ship watching.  And the food we had at our cafe was really quite … Continue reading Willemstad, Curacao Part 2


What to do in Curacao in a Day

What to do in Willemstad, Curacao on a Cruise Visit Cruise ships call into Willemstad in Curacao from all over.  It is an easy port to navigate from the cruise port since that is right in the center of town.  You don't need a taxi to explore the town and we strongly suggest visiting both … Continue reading What to do in Curacao in a Day

The Best Snorkeling in Curacao

The best snorkeling in Curacao: Carracasbaai One good thing about a cruise port day in Curacao is that you can visit the town, eat some lunch, and still hit the beach and do some snorkeling.  Some really good snorkeling can be found in Carracasbaai, Curacao - a rather plain and in some places rocky, beach … Continue reading The Best Snorkeling in Curacao