The Natural Bridge

One of America’s original tourist attractions is still stunning and awesome as it must have been to people like Thomas Jefferson. The Natural Bridge is a great place to view nature and the fascinating natural bridge itself .  We went directly there and from there to the campground nearby.  There was ample room in the parking lot for our 35 foot motorhome.  The gift shop was a bit spartan as it was the end of their season and it’s feel harkened back to a time that predates theme parks and was actually quite nice to feel imagining all the visitors who had gone through the space in the past.

You cant totally capture the beauty of the Natural Bridge with a camera.

It doesn’t take long to visit if you’re in a hurry but it is the type of place I’d recommend at least two hours for because this is all about the feeling of the place and taking in the natural beauty.  A shuttle does carry you back to the top but it isn’t that difficult to climb back up the steps – there are places to rest along the way and plenty to see.

The stream midway down to the Natural Bridge even seemed historic to me.

You can actually go right under the bridge and even beyond.  It was spectacular and in places it felt like places we’ve been before with the exception of the incredible natural bridge itself.  There are historical markers you can read that bring you up to speed on the history of the place.  The most amazing thing to me was the feeling of so many people having been there in the past.

Once through the store we decided to head towards the campground.  We selected the KOA Natural Bridge because it was nearby and a quick on/off the expressway.  They can be a bit more expensive than many campgrounds but we believe it is worth it as they are consistent and offer the amenities we like.  Not the most level of spots, you can see the picture of our site with a nice little deck included.  We loved it there and would return again!

The KOA Natural Bridge campground was a great base for exploring the area.

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