About Me

I blog about what I do professionally which is museum and arts administration and I blog about what I do personally which is travel as much as I possibly can.  In order to keep my blogging more consistent to the reader, I’ve started a new blog about my professional interests, which is the arts, museums, culture and other non-profit attractions.  In this, you’ll find posts about tourism, marketing, finance and more.  The new blog is NonProfitAttractions.com 

I’ve been to most of Europe and the Caribbean on the travel side and I’ve been in the museum and attraction side of business in Florida for almost 25 years.  My partner and I most recently purchased an RV and are enjoying traveling as much as my work schedule will allow with our two dogs (chihuahuas).  We love to cruise, take trains, hop in our motorhome or jump on a flight and go somewhere.  Thank you for your comments and support – I am humbled to be able to provide some type of insight to my colleagues professionally and my fellow travelers personally.

Follow me via Twitter on @WayneAtherholt too.

encaustic exhibition
Playing with wax balls at an encaustic exhibition at work.
stcroix wk
And this is me not working.

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