Camping at an Indoor Water Park in Oklahoma

Road Trip

Indoor Water Park and RV Campground – Western Oklahoma

Russellville, Arkansas to Clinton, OK
I – 40

We spent the prior night in a Flying J – always a great place to spend a night when you’re arriving late, need gas and propane and want something to eat. There was a Denny’s attached to this one. But we got on the road early on and headed through Oklahoma City on the I-40. Never been through the state or the city – there is one tall building you can see in the distance and well developed roads that just seem to lack cars and people.

The downtown actually has several tall buildings in addition to the one you can see in the distance. You come into the city limits and seemingly drive for a while before seeing any signs of a town let alone an actual city. The one thing that struck me was how improved the highways were and how few cars were around on a weekday afternoon.

Our campsite for the night in Clinton, Oklahoma.  We were the only people in the entire campground and it was a very nice place!

At Weatherford we jumped onto Historic Route 66 for a bit on the way over to Clinton. The original roadway still exists and in spots you can see some remnants of its glory days with a gas station – Lucille’s is near Weatherford and is a classic style. The section of roadway we actually went over was rough and was marked “local traffic only” even though we took it for about ten miles. It is a narrow old two lane highway with no shoulders and a slight curving on the edges. The road between Tulsa and Oklahoma City is apparently the longest continuous stretch of it in the state.

The campground in Clinton, Oklahoma was empty during the week at Water Zoo Water Park, Clinton, Oklahoma.

We got into Clinton and had made reservations at Water Zoo Water Park and RV Campground. The rate, which was over $100 for the night included two day passes for two days for the water park. We thought it was overpriced and in fact we were the only RV in the thirty five space campground and the water park wasn’t very busy at all. I don’t know enough about the area to make suggestions on pricing – perhaps they make enough money during the winter or on weekends. Still, seemed strange to me being the only RV in the campground and perhaps no more than 80 people in the entire water park. It was nice and fun – water was warm – food was good at the café. Really a great feature for this town and for tourism. Maybe the I-40 corridor wasn’t quite the same tourism-wise as the I-4 corridor in Florida!

Water Zoo Water Park, Clinton, Oklahoma

We’d recommend staying here and taking advantage of the water park. I don’t know if there were any specials or discounts we didn’t get to take advantage of but if you decide to try it – at least ask. Nearby in Clinton there is a K-Mart on the way into the RV park to pick up anything you need. There’s also the Oklahoma Route 66 Museum rather close by too. We didn’t go into the town of Clinton unfortunately so can’t speak to what is there. Our next destination is Dodge City, Kansas which doesn’t require any interstate travel and should be interesting. Another water park and camping experience actually!

Water Zoo Water Park at Clinton, Oklahoma has a nice lazy river.

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