Lake George and Glens Falls: Introduction to the Adirondacks

An RV Trip to Lake George/Glens Falls, New York

We picked up a motorcycle cruising map and figured we’d do the route from North Woodstock, NH to Lake George, NY via the route 104 and then the route 4. It took about four or so hours and was well worth it. The scenery is incredible and there’s ample opportunity to stop and something unique for food or some shopping. We ended up stopping in Vermont at a general store. Bridgewater Corners Country Store, 5680 US Route 4, Bridgewater Corners, proved to be perfect. There’s gas, a deli, a picnic area, coffee, gifts, sundries, and more. Really anything you would need would be here. We continued through Killington and stopped at the visitor center there to pick up enough materials to know that we must return and spend some time there – possibly skiing!

The Bridgewater Corners General Store is truly one of the great stops along this byway in Vermont.


We found our home at the Lake George RV Resort just off the Route 4 and it really is one of the best RV resorts anywhere.  Of course the price reflects it – we paid nearly 100 dollars per night so this isn’t the best option if you’re on a budget. We had cheap or free camping on almost our entire 2 and a half week vacation so we splurged. This is the type of place you come for a week and settle down and probably get a weekly rate – or even a seasonal if that’s an option for you.  Either way, it is worth it as one of the best RV experiences anywhere.

One of the best camp stores ever is at the Lake George RV Resort in Lake George, N.Y.

The place is packed with all sorts of activities and amenities: indoor swimming pool, outdoor heated swimming pool, tennis, two cinemas, bike trails, laundry and one of the best camp stores you’ll ever find anywhere. There is a trolley system within the park and to the outlets area just about a km down the road so you can actually ride your bike there. From here you can connect to the region’s trolleys (buses with an old trolley body) that are run by Greater Glens Falls Transit.

The outdoor heated pool was excellent at the Lake George RV Resort and even this Florida man could handle the temperature.

We took the trolley into Lake George one day and into Glens Falls another day.  We could have easily spent a lot more time here as there is so much to do and it is so accessible from the campground. Our trip int Lake George was excellent and we visited a lot of the little shops, bought some spruce tree scented soap that was great, grabbed a quick bite to eat at The Bank and visited the Fort William Henry followed by a drink on the grounds of the Fort William Henry Hotel situated just adjacent to the fort.

Fort William Henry in Lake George, N.Y. is a great place to tour for a few hours.

It was nice learning about the history of the area and the fort through the exhibits and being a museum professional I realized the tired exhibits were being upgraded through time and wasn’t bothered by their age.  The nice thing about the fort were the re-creations and the way the staff engaged the children.

The Lac du Saint Sacrement on Lake George, N.Y.

I was instantly taken back to my childhood days of visiting historic sites and what grabbed my attention.  I also felt a tug at my youth in the gift shop as I remembered a lot of the things my parents would buy me after visiting such a site.  A nice drink on the lawn of the hotel next door was a real treat with excellent views of Lake George and a nice lawn and pool area.

The views are spectacular at the Fort William Henry Hotel in Lake George, N.Y.  Grab a drink at the outdoor or indoor bar and sit on the back porch overlooking Lake George.

Another day we took the in-resort trolley to the outlets and then transferred onto the Glens Falls Transit trolley to go into the town.  Very easy to do so don’t let transit intimidate you.  Once in the town we walked around and found a place to eat.  Davidson Brothers Brewing Company looked excellent and it had outdoor seating along with entertainment that was setting up.  We were seated quickly and the wait for a server took a really really long time despite several tables near us being visited a number of times.  Finally (and it must have been at least twenty minutes and the place was far from busy) we asked a woman to get us a server as she cleaned up a table near us.  She apologized and said a drink for each was on the house.  This was a perfect example of a service recovery and turned what was really shaping up to be a bad experience into a great one.

Excellent craft beer at Davidson Brothers in downtown Glens Falls, N.Y.

The food was excellent and the craft beer was really some of the best I’ve ever tasted.  I had the Ryley, a Summer Ale, and it was really incredible and cold on a warm day.  So I would strongly suggest a visit here because it really was a great experience once we got served.  They have a no tipping policy and we attributed, rightly or wrongly, the service to that policy.  The server we did get was terrific and very friendly as well as professional.  We easily grabbed another bus headed back to the resort and the driver let us off where we needed to be while other passengers continued on to Lake George for the summertime fireworks display.

Downtown Glens Falls, N.Y. isn’t very big but has a lot of interesting architecture that is purely American and well preserved.

All in, this was an incredible couple of days and an easy one to do if you have no tow car with your RV or if you’re just looking to get a taste of the Adirondacks without committing too much time.  I assure you, like us, you’ll be back to explore a lot more.



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