Jet Blue Sale

The Jet Blue Sale

I always like to think about where we could go and take advantage of various great sale fares.  The most recent one from Jet Blue is available for purchase today and includes some great deals. I was dreaming of a week in New York (but then I thought about the temperatures) or a week in DC for just $118 return (but then I thought about the temperatures) and then I focused on some great bargains to Mexico, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Colombia, Puerto Rico and got to thinking…hmmmm.

Jet Blue aircraft at STX (St. Croix) in September 2012.

I was very very tempted to book an Orlando to Bogota trip for $164 single/one way after having been to Colombia recently.  Need to figure this out today because at these prices, seats will be going quickly.  Here’s the list of sale fares, most I’ve seen valid travelling Tuesdays and Wednesdays only and this is just FROM Orlando (MCO).  TPA (Tampa) only has a few sale fares.  The entire list of sale fares is available here on the Jet Blue web site.

From Orlando, FL (MCO)


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